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I am Curt Baggett, an EXPERT DOCUMENT EXAMINER, and expert witness in this field. I am an authority, skilled in handwriting identifications. Please ask for my C.V. and ask me how many times I have testified in court. Also, I have completed the following studies in questioned document examinations and psychology:

I have completed specialized Documentation Examination training from the U.S. Army, MILITARY POLICE OFFICER’S school in Fort Gordon, Georgia.

In college I graduated as a Speech Teachers, I earned a Masters Degree in Counseling and Guidance from McNeese State University and attended the University of Houston for Post- Graduate studies in Behavioral Psychology in 1963.

Ray Walker, a leading authority in the field of handwriting analysis and document examination, and also author of "The Questioned Document Examiner and the Justice System", certified me in 1983 as a MASTER HANDWRITING ANALYST, and in 1987, as a QUESTIONED DOCUMENT EXAMINER. Dr. Walker has had his qualifications affirmed in the Appellate Court, Fifth Circuit sitting at Dallas, and has had historical ruling in his favor.

For many years I studied under the supervision of Dr. Ray Walker and assisted him in preparing dozens of court cases. My experience includes consultations regarding the examination of signature on "Hot" checks with Judge Thomas G. Jones, his assistant, Chief Don Stafford, and the prosecuting attorneys from the Dallas District Attorney’s office. The following courts have qualified me as an Expert Witness: Justice of the Peace, Municiple Court, District Court, and federal reserve U.S. and Bankruptcy Court.

I have analyzed handwriting and lectured and taught handwriting analysis and document examination classes for over 30 years in approximately 35 states. In addition, I have co-authored "The Handwriting Analysis Certification Home Study and how to spoat a Course" and have been a guest on National television such as CNN and even consulted with producers of crime TV related shows.

My library is most extensive and includes literature on questioned documents, forensic handwriting analyses and behavioral profiling. The equipment in my lab normally used for examination consists of a Sterio Star Zoon American optical 7x to 30x twin microscope, Scanner, Macintosh, Micronta illuminated microscope at 30x, numerous magnifying devices, light tables, protractor and metric measuring devices, Pentex ME camera, Pentex Macro 1.4 mm 50 flat copy lens, overhead projector, and transparencies.

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Goes the Extra Mile
Curt Baggett goes nationwide to testify

Mr. Baggett,
Thanks for your expertise help! I knew that my Dad did not sign the life insurance policy beneficiary change form but we needed your letter to prove it!
Raymond E. Bradshaw JR.
Washington D.C. 20002

Mr. Baggett
Our fourteen year old daughter did not burn the house down and did not write the letter saying she intended to burn it down. You have proved she did not write the confession letter and now maybe we can get the conviction over turned. Bless you!
Hattiesburg, Mississippi 39465

The friend of my son got a bond of execution because he forged my son’s name and stole the estate. You are so great to have proved it was a forgery. Thank you so very much.
P. Harman
Chesapeake, VI 23503

Mr. Baggett
My Merrill Lynch representative forged my name to my account and transferred money to his Mexico account and also forged my name to checks made out to him. Thank you for helping me identify the forgeries for my lawsuit.
Liz Johnson
Cape Cod, MA 02536


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